Scav Hunt 2020


Every May we all get together to be dummies, but for once its time to get together to do some good and uplift black voices whenever possible. Here are ways you can help in Hyde Park:


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The Experimental Station

6100 S Blackstone Ave, Chicago, IL




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2020 Captains

Crayola Bolger

I have a BA from UChicago in East Asian Languages & Civilizations, plus an MLIS from UIUC. I work in my day job as a public librarian in the Kansas City area, plus I’m a board member for GASH and the website administrator for a tiny doll convention. But more importantly, I'm an Excel spreadsheet wizard, a hot glue witch, a world-class goblin wrangler, and more:

Whimsical. Organized. Dedicated. The Scav Leader We Need In These Uncertain Times. Ignore the Scav rule about calling (303) 499-7111 for a Good Time. Passersby were amazed by the incredibly large amounts of blood.  



Nicky Dover

After previous attempts to stop Nicky Dover failed catastrophically (see: The Destruction of Pierce Tower), efforts regarding Nicky have focused largely on containment.
Currently locked in an apartment in NYC, Nicky is nonetheless attempting to participate in his tenth Scav.
During prior Scavs, Nicky has falsified public health campaigns, filmed videos, eaten mostly everything, and disseminated chaos. His first item completion was “Trivial Fursuit”.
During the destruction of Pierce Tower, Nicky, then a Captain of MacPierce, was a primary actor in the creation of BroStoMP.
Nicky also co-chaired Doc Films, where he misappropriated $7000 of funding for a retrospective on Nicolas Cage. He was also Lead Zombie in Humans vs Zombies.
Nicky has spent the last year teaching programming after five years in Public Relations. He is currently engaged in the job search, and dissemination of this memo is considered a priority for future containment efforts halting potential employment.

John Laycock

Captain John Laycock, better known as Mandar the Elf spent his formative years in the Forest of Uco, learning magic from his mentor the aged elf wizard Algov the Far-sighted. He had to quit his training early, though, on an urgent mission to go to Angleport. While in Angleport he was suddenly drafted into the army to fight the aggression of the Barony of Roche! His adventures have led him from one end of the continent to the mid-point of that same continent, through forest, fen, and dale. Mandar is a master of sleep spells. Once he cast a spell so powerful it "put the world to sleep" including 6 wolves, ten goblins, the rest of his party. 


Mandar the Elf became Mandar the Goat-Legged when a Detect Magic spell he cast misfired and the misapplied energy turned itself upon his legs. It has not deterred him from his adventures, but it did require some modifications to his pants. 


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