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6100 S Blackstone Ave, Chicago, IL


6134 S Kenwood Ave, Chicago IL


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Meet the Team


Maggie Vo

Maggie had her first Scav last year, and her rapid rise to power - culminating in election to GASH captaincy - can only be explained by her extensive ties to the Deep State, the Lizard People, the Illuminati, and the Gay-Jewish Alliance controlling Hollywood and the media.


Despite her regrettable association with Harvard University, she wishes to assure her constituents that Scav does not bother her. She's a longtime veteran of the MIT Mystery Hunt, but denies being an agent of these foreign powers. Maggie has not made any pledges to remain free of outside influence during her tenure in office, being wholly and openly controlled by her two cats.

Alex Fix

Alex Fix is a man of the people*! With over 13 years of scavenly experience, Alex has tirelessly fought for the right of scavvies everywhere to build stupidly dumb shit out of wood. First elected Senior Vice-Undersecretary of Big Projects for the People's Party** of GASH in 2011, he is humbled to be leading the party as a Captain/Grand Admiral/Chorus Line Member Second Degree for the first time.


An early proponent of the No Scavvie Left Not On The Moon Act, he promises that with your help, by May 12th we will celebrate scav-victory from our palatial estates on the lunar surface---or possibly from the bottom of Lake Michigan if he's holding the blueprints upside down. Remember, a vote for Fix is a vote for chaos!***


* Lizard people

** Lizard People's Party

*** Paid for by a shadowy-cabal of definitely not Lizard People

Rafael Suarez

Sir Rafael Carlos Alfonso Gloria Pedro Miguel de Maria “No Money, No Problems” Suarez CVO OBE FRGS ([`swaɾes]) is a Chicago-based item explorer who has led four Scav expeditions to Ida Noyes. He was one of the somewhat principal figures of the period known as the Not Quite Heroic Age of Lunar Exploration.


Suarez is considered the first Scavie to have explored the other-other side of the moon*. In his position as part of the triumvirate leading this year's exploratory efforts, Suarez hopes he can effect great change by not changing much of anything**.


*No Lizard people were seen †.
**This certainly includes not adding Lizard people to the team ‡.

†Those responsible for the Lizard people footnotes have been sacked.
‡Those responsible for sacking the Lizard people footnote writers have been sacked.



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