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Scav Hunt 2022

Covid Policies

Anyone seeking to work in HQ or HQ2 must:

  • Submit proof of vaccination and booster to the captains via this form

  • Test within 24 hrs of arrival at HQ and present test to a captain at first entry

  • Mask in all other campus buildings for the duration of your use of HQ (masks are optional in HQ)

After being cleared by a captain, you will be added to the doorbell channel in the team discord.

Scav 2022 will continue to be hybrid. Those in Chicago will once again

be at Experimental Station, with many scavvies joining us remotely.

Make sure you're set up on the listhost, Discord, and Asana!

Scav Schedule:

All times given in Scav Time, Central Time, the Best Time

Pre-Scav Hype Meet-ups: 

  • Friday, April 29 : Discord, 7:30-9:30

  • Sunday, May 1: Discord, 7:30-9:30

  • Monday, May 2 : Discord, 7:30-9:30

Weds, May 4: 

  • Team Meeting: In Person

  • List Release: In Person, Midnight

Thurs, May 5:  

  • Reading of the List: Discord, 12:45 am Thursday


Fri, May 6: it contains multitudes, by which I mean many items TBA, and also:

  • The GASH Board Meeting: Discord, 9:00

  • Harolds: In Person


Sat, May 8:

  • Scav Olympics: In Person


Sun, May 9: 

  • Judgment

  • HQ Cleanup

  • Results

Mon, May 10:

  • Final HQ Cleanup

  • Valois Brunch: In Person


Every May we all get together to be dummies, but for once its time to get together to do some good and uplift black voices whenever possible. Here are ways you can help in Hyde Park:


original tweet

Stay up to date on future developments on the listhost


Experimental Station

6100 S Blackstone Ave




GASH Bylaws

2019 Code of Conduct

GASH Org Chart

GASH Tech Primer

2021 Captains


Daniel Kassler


Nathaniel Ross


Nicky Dover

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