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The Storied Past

GASH was founded way back in the year of our common era two thousand and eight, by five enterprising young UofC grads with a Facebook group and a dream. Since then, it has become home to alumni from most of the dorm teams, as well as friends, family, and people who heard about this scav thing on the internet and just showed up.

We've scavved everywhere from vacant storefronts to, one memorable year, a penthouse ballroom. We've made trebuchets, tesla coils, and towers, but but most of all we've made memories. Come check out a few of our favorite items from times gone by.

2023 - Ouroboros Can Have Little a Ouroboros as a Treat


Your Ring Doorbell® is NOT A NARC, and you've got the bumper sticker to prove it! [2.5 trustworthy points]


An intricate depiction of Howl's moving van. [9.5 points for scale model. 4 points for illustration.]


America's county flags generally occupy the boring-to-dire spectrum -- you know what they need? Blingee!


Vaseline Kandisky


Creation tales describe World Trees, World Turtles, World Elephants, and so many other large lifeforms turned colossal to create, carry, or even become our planet. Yet, in the age of astronomy. we know that the Earth is but a tiny part of the universe. Recount a new cosmology in which it is instead the smallest species that use their special talents to bring about our world, accompanied by at least one illustration diagramming the universe resulting from your microscopic Creation.


In the style of Hayao Miya-sickly (?), show us three beautiful movie posters for Princess Mononucleosis, My Neighbor Tetanus, and Polio.


An ante-Nicene Chick tract about a Christological heresy


A dress, the front of which is solely composed of an appropriately sized and oriented Ohio Flag


We left behind our beloved turtle! Can you be a dear and pick it up for us outside the Law School Fountain? It won't last long exposed to the elements, so, uh, you better go get it right now.


Render any sculpture in the Art Institute's collection in the superlative medium of our time: pom-pom [4 points]

2022 - A Million Tiny Teams in a Trenchcoat

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2021 - To Fork Around is Human; to Find Out is Divine


An HQ is too small, your team needs a city. A multi-tiered fantasy city built entirely on Scav SMP. Your city must have unique themes for each tier that all tie into a unified architectural style. Your city must also include a secret entrance, redstone doorbell, and a main city center. At 11 a.m. on Sunday, your team should be dressed in matching Minecraft skins and ready to give a tour of the city.


Sure, the Zoom screenshot-style group photo gets everyone in a picture, but, let’s be real, the je ne sais quoi exited the meeting a long time ago. You should try your hand at recreating Joana Choumali’s signature combination of collage, embroidery, and quilting to make a group portrait that really captures your team vibes.


The StarBoard is the newest custom artistic keyboard. All the keys show astronomical objects! These keycap depictions should make clear which key is which, without labels.


Use the paper twisting techniques of Gunjan Aylawadi to pay homage to the grade-separated intersection of your choice.


The Four Horsemen made such a badass biker gang in Good Omens. It’s a shame they didn’t have equally badass jackets with their names on the back. No, not the horsemen you’re thinking of. We mean the other Four Horsemen. . . you know from the books?


Please. Please reproduce this tweet in oils: JESUS CHRIST (ninth hour): Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? GOOFY (present at the crucifixion): Gawrsh


Turtleduck melon pan. Bread and/or filing should be a flavor found in the A:TLA universe.


Ahh, the city of Chicago...Home of deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs, Malört, and the 1976 Tony-Nominated Best Musical, Chicago. Stuck in quarantine, we’re beginning to forget the sights and sounds of this magical place. All we have are our computers and Google Images™ and maybe a glimpse of the city while leaving our home to go to the grocery store. Oh? What’s this? Microsoft® Excel® or a similar program? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could paint, with extreme detail, a famous building or landmark of


A claddagh ring is, among other things, a neat way to avoid that awkward “Are you single?” Skip a couple more queries with a ring that can subtly represent various hanky code meanings.

2020 - Scav Trek: The Prior Generation


Do what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was TOO COWARDLY to do, and redistrict the state so that all 18 of its congressional districts are as close to having a partisan lean of zero as possible. Your districts must be contiguous and have near-equal population, but anything beyond that is fair game.


One month ago, the great prophet Shiz Honey Iced T reminded us in a YouTube comment that for roughly 3 minutes every day, Christopher Walken performs his dance from “Weapon of Choice” to appease the elder gods and keep humanity alive and safe for another day. Well, it looks like the elder gods aren’t very happy with humanity. Create a shot for shot remake of Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” music video with as much accuracy as possible.


In these days of Instagram, it doesn’t matter how it tastes, just how it looks. Show us your most grammable, delicious, delectable cuisine photos in which no item is real food or prefab fake food Remember it’s faux, not phö.


The poster promoting the Muppet movie adaptation of the SOSC book of your choice.


Storyboards for the unfinished McCay masterpiece, The Centaurs, have recently been discovered! At last, we will finally get closure to our unending questions about why that centaur lad was throwing a rock at a bird.


Tom Waits for no one. So let’s get moving! Get our hips shaking and our hearts pumping with a high-energy cover that’s perfect for our upbeat workout playlist! #fitlife #zumbalove.

2019 - GASH 2020 Exploratory Committee


Scav runs on legendary pieces of shit, and this year we have the once-in-a-lifetime honor of welcoming Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) to that noble canon. Dig up those prehistoric DeviantArt accounts, because this year’s Captains’ Costumes are your very own iconic, unironic Sonic the Hedgehog OCs (DO NOT STEAL).


During the Hunt, it’s pretty easy to develop tunnelvision and miss out on a lot of the cool stuff that’s going on! Why not get caught up on the hip-happenings during your morning constitutional by scrolling through your team’s newspaper?


Show us infinite scrolling IRL with your never-ending emakimono, depicting a treasured piece of team lore in the style of onna-e or otoko-e


At Judgment, in the flesh: Lisa Frankenstein’s monster


We’ve all seen Katharina Fritsch’s Frau mit Hund at the Art Institute, but what happened to her pieces Herr mit Schuppentiere, Junge mit Seekuh, or Madchen mit Schnabeltier?


Who the fuck is Pikachu? We thought this was /Detective Patamon/!!! We can't believe we showed up at a Detective Pikachu screening Digimon costumes, this is so embarrassing!


Now Showing: The Scavant-Garde Film Festival! Participating teams will craft their own avant-garde film based on the film requirements detailed on our website, and then come dressed to impress at our film festival.


All of the living histograms I’ve seen deal with boring characteristics like height and weight. How about European shoe size? Or typing speed? Or number of Facebook® friends? Jazz it up a notch by creating two interesting living histograms


Inspired by the retired 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarine ride at Disneyland, build us a submarine-esque viewing window through which we can be mesmerized by three unique mechanically-operated 3D “underwater” scenes.


2018 - Chicago Murderbirds


William H. Page pioneered a chromatic type method using two stamps and three colors per character, but to that we say: Too Easy! Use a similar method to produce a set of 24 hand-carved rubber stamps that allow you to stamp "SCAV HUNT" with seven colors per character.


Handcraft a hikaru dorodango with soils collected from the city of Chicago.


Did you know that leather can be made from virtually any animal skin? Did you know that most gloves sold by commercial companies aren't that great at protecting your hands from the cold and wet? Did you know that fish skin is oil-rich and therefore water-resistant? While we're personally not averse to just stuffing our hands into two fish, we do want to have our hands completely covered with no possibility of getting stabbed by bone slivers.


A postcard mailed from Phantom Ranch.


We all know that Hyde Park has not only a big cat problem, but a big witch problem as well. Good thing Kattenstoet is the same day as Judgment this year!


Brats by Bratz®! These German sausages with a passion for fashion are dressed up as this year's hottest dolls!!


A production of Giuseppe Verdi's greatest opera, I Fratelli Stupendo Mario.


Document the creation of a (non-toxic) painting by your team's newest resident artist: Dog Ross.


A Wall Street Journal-style headcut portrait of a team member, with documentation of your process.


A working replica of Solomon's Throne, lavishly decorated with a minimum of three stairs. Each and every time a designated ruler ascends, the mechanical animals on either side move to aid each successive stair. As they take their seat, a crown is lowered to rest gently upon their head.


2017 - Scavalry


The Muffler Men Item: Once they stood alongside the roadways of America, hawking their wares with their impressive heights and berglass rictus-like grins. But the passage of time has left these giants of the roadway to fall into obscurity. Until now! Before 12:30 p.m. on Friday, assemble a giant human-sized figure on the Quads that will proclaim the general superiority of your team. And for this item, size does matter.


Send a message by impaling a relevant book on a stick outside the faculty department of your choice.


Rotate, turn, circle, spin, twirl, whirl, pirouette, and twist. That's what your small carousel, capable of riding two Judges and fitting within a square fathom, will do. And it will be themed on something else that rotates, turns, circles, spins, twirls, whirls, pirouettes, or twists.


Some people like to collect souvenir snow globes from around the world, but for us, looking at a 2" - diameter sphere from the outside isn't quite intimate enough. Construct a snow globe inside of which a judge can comfortably explore an intricate scene from any world city. We don't care about how your snow globe looks externally, but we do expect internal enhancements such as lights, moving parts, and flurries of snow.


Sinterest™ is all well and good, but I totally need a digital detox. Make a physical sinspiration board with a carefully curated aesthetic where your team plans its satanic rituals with pentagrams aplenty, some artisan voodoo dolls of your captains, and a hint of blood magic.


A freestanding adhesiveless Pringle ringle.


With typical use, reservoir tip hats are unfashionable 18% of the time! Knit us a winter hat based on a more reliable (and reliably chic) method of birth control.


A meringue-utan.

Scav Olympics

THE MOST DELICIOUS GENTLEMAN'S DUEL: CHURRO FENCING. Tips of churro will be dipped in chocolate to mark the points on your special churro fencing outfit. Your special churro fencing outfit is a light-colored pillowcase with arm and head holes upon which you have Sharpied Churro Fencing Outfit . Winner eats both churros and advances to the next round, competing yet again for glory and the gluttonous satisfaction of having eaten like 6 churros if they win the whole thing.

Scav Olympics

Everyone knows the average Scavvie isn't quite in tip-top physical condition, so send a Scavvie prepared to engage in a UChicago-specialized SEAL training session.


The impressive façade of a recognizable campus building, creased in the style of Simon Schubert.


2016 - Belligerent and Numerous


161. If only we could freeze time, we would freeze this moment, right here, right now, and build an ornate, tiered sandcastle in the top half of a frozen hourglass. We can't, can you? [17 points]


76. A sculpture piece from the collection at Philadelphia's brand-new Rodan Museum installed on the Main Quad by noon on Friday. [38 points]


232. A braided loaf of Cthallah, equal parts Kosher and Demonic Cult God. [6.86 points]


251. Marcus Pfister's "The Rainbow Fish", in gyotaku form. Share at least three of your glorious pages. [13 points]


2015 - Geezers of the Galaxy

319. Macaroni Art

Make your mother a piece of macaroni artwork that depicts another item on this year’s List. (given to a Judge’s mom)

190. One-Armed Bandit

190. A University of Chicago-themed one-armed bandit. That’s right: an RSO funding slot machine for those of us annually cowering before the CLI. Must be mechanical (not video) and have at least three reels producing differentiated outcomes. Must be homemade and may not actually accept or dispense legal tender. Must have a dizzying amount of lights and sounds.

267. Liberty Spikes

267. Tallest liberty spike mohawk on a member of your team. It should be bald on the side, and absent of any rigid supports other than gel and the will of the Punk God, and be accompanied by video evidence of the cut being done during the Four Days.

W1. Tin Can Velociraptor

Muldoon claimed that raptors could move “50, 60 miles per hour” over open ground, but that’s a tad generous from what we know of theropod biomechanics. You know how they could go that fast, though? If they were being dragged behind a moving car! Construct a small Velociraptor made of tin cans, to pursue the “Just Married”-mobile.


2014 - Scavving Like It's 1999

189. Pub Sign

189. In 1393, King Richard II passed a Royal Act making it compulsory for public houses to hang a sign outside. In 2014, the Judges have decreed that your headquarters should also be marked with a British-style pub sign, featuring a traditional sounding name and imagery.

20. Speach Bubbles

20. If these walls could talk, what would they say? Attach appropriate speech bubbles to any three campus buildings of your choice.

27. Musical Greeting Card

27. It’s nice to feel welcomed with a kind greeting sometimes. Decorate your headquarters door as the kind of grade-A greeting card found at any quality dollar store. We do mean the musical kind.

3. Eggplant Boat

33. An eggplant boat that can carry at least one vegetable passenger. It should be propelled by a mechanism (sails, engine, etc.) that uses at least one vegetal component.

46. .s getula california roll

46. Lampropeltis getula californiae? More like Lampropeltis getula california roll! Make a sushi roll that, when cut, reveals its anatomically correct digestive system from head to tail.

101. LARPer Image

101. A page from the LARPer Image catalog.

30. Judgement Day

30. A diorama of what you think Judgment Day is going to look like. Do we mean Sunday? Do we mean the apocalypse? We mean both. Concurrently.

81. Chinese Harry Potter

81. Harry Potter and the Leopard Walk-Up-To Dragon, Harry Potter and the Big Funnel, or Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students at Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

132. Laser Harp

132. When the singularity comes, we are fully prepared to rock out with the choirs of robo-angels. Just as soon as we find our laser harp.

24. Fortune Cookie

24. If only I were fortunate enough to have a fortune cookie papier mâchéd out of only fortune cookie fortunes in my future.

272. Needlepoint

272. Embroidered pillows with fierce and ruthless sayings on them. Suitable for an evening with Grandma Donaghy!

140. "Down" House

140. The first ten minutes of the movie Up were great, weren’t they? But from there, the movie really took off in the wrong direction. We’d prefer something more... anchored. Show us your Down house, where a famous and recognizable dwelling, made entirely of inflated balloons, is held to the ground—safe, secure, and with no spirit of adventure—by wooden balloon-shaped moorings.

84. Fantastic Voyage

Take us on a Fantastic Voyage through your team’s larger-than-life model of a human organ. Your structure must be able to comfortably accommodate at least four tourists at a time and present an accurate and informative account of the organ’s inner workings. We’ll happily enter the body part of your choice, but remember that our heart belongs to the Franklin Institute.

10. Scav Olympics

10. Bring a team member to Scav Olympics with their torso wrapped in duct tape, sticky side out.

155. Canival Games

155. What if we took the Midway... and moved it onto the Quads? On Friday between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., have your team’s University of Chicago themed carnival game set up and ready for business on the main quad. Will it be the Wheel of Despair? Very Fragile Ego (Balloon) Popping? Whatever it is, we want carnies!

145. Seurat Recreation

A photograph of your team’s recreation of Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte at Promontory Point, with all participants in costumes from other items on this year’s list.


223. This year, the Voodoo Krewe may be going to New Orleans, but why should they have all the fun? Station your Float-Like Ornamental Attraction/Team Stations (F.L.O.A.T.S.) on the main quads for a Vendredi Gras celebration! Your F.L.O.A.T.S. must be “pedestrian” in the sense that the quads are a pedestrian zone (so no motors!), but they should be far from pedestrian in their garish decoration and creative theming. Be sure to bring along a troupe of costumed street performers.

210. Paralympic Games

210. Send three team members with optional padding and not-optional blindfolds to Henry Crown at noon on Thursday for the Scav Paralympic Goalball Tournament. We’ll be providing (more or less) regulation equipment but reducing each match to ten minutes.

2013 - The League of Disorderly Gentlefolk


2012 - The Reprehensible Retrospectacles

251. Red Grooms

251. Red Grooms may no longer reside in Chicago, but show us that his influence lives on here. Create a sculpture that displays the spirit of Chicago in the way that Grooms’s latest piece captures the spirit of Miami.

13. Tiny Crane

13. An origami crane of wingspan no more than 1 cm

245. Ornate Headwear

245. At every public event, one of your team captains must have increasingly ornate headwear. Headwear must be built upon the same base item throughout the hunt.

146. Piano Bartender

146. Play me a drink, Sam, for old times’ sake... on your piano that dispenses a beverage component with every keystroke. Changing the melody should change the mixology. Instruments and their compositions will be judged both on the quality of the cocktails and the musicality of their recipes.

32. Pseudoscience Fair!

32. Bring your most colorful tri-fold posters, dramatic demonstrations, and convincing data to the BSLC at 11:00 a.m. on Friday. It’s time for the first annual University of Chicago Pseudoscience Fair! Primary research only, please.

292. Keyblade

292. A full-scale Keyblade on the order of complexity of Oathbreaker, Oblivion, or Spellbinder.


2011 - Scav All-Czars

200. New UfoC Seal

200. In my day, people respected the seal in the Reynolds Club and the dark magic contained within. But nowadays, I see kids walking over it all the time. At 3:00 pm on Thursday, your version of the University of Chicago seal must be present in the Reynolds Club main hallway. Stepping on it must be an undesirable experience.

40. Googly Eyes

40. Affix a pair of appropriately enormous googly eyes to the campus building of your choice.

214. Scav Sheriff

214. You’ll never be elected Scav Sheriff without grassroots support. To that end, we want to see your candidate’s best booster at the debate and the mudslinging contest, promoting her heart out. Your booster’s gear and apparel must make it abundantly clear which candidate has what it takes to be the next Scav Sheriff.

7. Sexy Saxagram

7. Send a Sexy Saxagram to your favorite class.

2010 - Space Fogies

215. FORTRAN Name Game

215. Deliver a message to the Judges stating just how much you love them using a computer program compiled from fewer than 100 lines of obfuscated FORTRAN. Blank source code will be awarded with blank points.

239. 1-D Avatar

239. James Cameron’s Avatar in thrilling 1-D!

84. Balloon Protein

84. Balloon animals are for those clowns in the social sciences! I want a balloon protein, one that both represents your chosen protein’s tertiary/quaternary structure and actively demonstrates its native function. Like a real protein, your structure should be sufficiently complex and, most importantly, do something cool (none of that occludin-β bullshit).

141. Molassacre

141. “With a horrible, hissing, sucking sound, it splashed in a curving arc straight across the street, crushing everything and everybody in its path”. Commemorate the Great Boston Molasses Tragedy of 1919 with a scale recreation/reenactment of the disastrous Molassacre.

75. Stradivarius

75. Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1660-1720. On campus

2009 - Those Meddling Adults

239. Under Pressure

239. Perform the Scav Hunt Theme Song on the greatest instrument of all time: The Mario Paint Composer!

11. Steampunk Moai Head

11. Arising from the mist Friday morning are the proud and majestic statues of the Moai. Their simple yet enigmatic expressions raise many questions: where did they come from? When were they built? What are their properties? Answers: they come from you. They were placed next to a path leading toward Cobb Hall between 5 and 6 am Friday morning. They are between 5 and 7 feet tall. Each team need only erect one statue, so make it as imposing and impressive as possible.

220. Illuminated List

220. One page of the list, reproduced in a manner befitting a text of such significance and graced with a series of most lavish and intricate illuminations. Majestic!

98. Instant Flower

98. Construct a seedling that through a seemingly automated process will slowly grow into a plant in full bloom.

Item Unknown

Item Unknown

2008 - FOGIES

?. Banjhulu

Banjulhu. Item # Unknown.

56. Zeusaphone

56. A zeusaphone

71. Fix the CTA!

71. Fix the CTA®! Duct tape together two different stations of the El.

65. Potato Silencer

65. A potato silencer.

51. A De Lorean

51. A De Lorean. We’ve got seventy-five bucks riding on this one

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