The Storied Past

GASH was founded way back in the year of our common era two thousand and eight, by five enterprising young UofC grads with a Facebook group and a dream. Since then, it has become home to alumni from most of the dorm teams, as well as friends, family, and people who heard about this scav thing on the internet and just showed up.

We've scavved everywhere from vacant storefronts to, one memorable year, a penthouse ballroom. We've made trebuchets, tesla coils, and towers, but but most of all we've made memories. Come check out a few of our favorite items from times gone by.

2019 - GASH 2020 Exploratory Committee

2018 - Chicago Murderbirds


2017 - Scavalry


2016 - Belligerent and Numerous

2015 - Geezers of the Galaxy


2014 - Scavving Like It's 1999


2013 - The League of Disorderly Gentlefolk

2012 - The Reprehensible Retrospectacles


2011 - Scav All-Czars


2010 - Space Fogies


2009 - Those Meddling Adults


2008 - FOGIES


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