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Joie de Fire

This Year

Your one-stop shop for where to be, when to be, and what's going on this year at GASH HQ.

Meet the captains, check out this year's shirt design, and more!

Past Years

Check out our gallery of past items, learn about GASH's storied past,

Want to know what the team name was in 2009? Want to see a Rodan sculpture displayed on the quads?

Go on and explore!


Much like public radio, your donations are what keep GASH in snacks and art supplies, not to mention a snazzy roof over our heads.

Also your ones stop shop for this year's swag.


GASH welcomes all comers, from complete neophytes who have never scavved before to grizzled veterans who may have aged out of their dorm teams and are looking for a new scav home. Whoever you are, if you want to take four days in May to get excited and make things, GASH is the place for you.

What is Scav?

Scav, or the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, is a four-day scavenger hunt that takes place each year in Hyde Park, Chicago. While the original lists mostly involved finding things (a Nixon for president button) or solving trivia questions (the address of O'Hare Airport), recent lists have also included cryptography puzzles, physical challenges, and, of course, things that need to be created during the four days of the hunt itself (sculptures, costumes, wine). For an idea of things that have been asked of teams in the past, go checkout past lists at the official UofC Scav page or the gallery of previous items GASH has worked on. Go ahead, we'll be here when you get back.

When is Scav?

Scav take place in the second week in May, starting at midnight on Wednesday and ending on Sunday (Mothers' Day) morning.

Where is Scav?

Most yeasrs GASH works out of the Experimental Station at 6100 S. Blackstone Ave in Hyde Park (map below). We no longer have a dedicated Sleep HQ, but there will be a spreadsheet on the listhost for coordinating AirBnBs and hotel rooms in the area.

What if I can't make it to Chicago?

Never fear! Most items can be completed remotely, with photo or video evidence submitted to teammates in the field. We also try to live stream all the events that we can (including the reading of the list on Wednesday night and all of judgement on Sunday), and have an active Slack channel during the hunt that all team members can comment on or lurk in.

Sounds Great! How do I join up?

You can join GASH by filling out our Official Membership Application Form. Someone from leadership should add you to the listhost in a few days.

There are also a few region-specific listhosts that don't require approval, with various amounts of activity at any given points.

Other Listhosts:

GASH Remote - for team members unable to make the hunt in person. Generally includes updates on what is going on in Chicago and serves as a way for remote nodes to coordinate with each other.

GASH Chicago - for team members who live in Chicago year round. Used to organize happy hours, trivia nights, etc.

GASH SF Bay - Same as above for the San Francisco Bay area

Scav DC - listhost for all scavvies, regardless of team affiliation, in the greater DC area.



Experimental Station

6100 S. Blackstone Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

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